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Our Process

The first step is to explore the problem…
We can’t begin to find a solution if we don’t first realize what’s causing us trouble. We’ll explore your existing processes, and we’ll identify key areas to grow. We’ll look at the great ways you’re currently using technology, and then we’ll look at how to use it even better!
Our years of experience and unique perspective allow us to explore problems like no other specialists can!
The more brains the better! No, we aren’t zombies, but rather firmly believe in the strength of collective brain power.
After key areas of growth are identified, we’ll connect with you to tailor our assessment to your goals. Let us sit down together and bounce ideas. Once the thunder of thoughts begin to roll, lightning will surely strike!
While clients are always eager to implement (a.k.a. “do! do! do!”), we firmly believe that thorough discussion and exploration will lead to the most effective use of training time. We can maximize the ‘bang for your buck!’
The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Once we have reached consensus on a solution, we implement the strategy!
Using our customized course and technology offerings, we’ll implement a series of trainings to align your staff and get everyone up to speed. We’ll explore teaching the technology that’s relevant and necessary to you.
Implementation can – and should – vary from environment to environment. Maybe you need to get a large number of staff up speed in a short period of time. Maybe you need more 1:1 time for a smaller group. Whatever the need, we’ll work with you to implement an effective rollout!

Why Choose Professional Development?

Current PD skills sharpened!

New knowledge gained!

Teaching ability improved!

Students positively affected!

Our Clients

Some of those that we have been fortunate enough to work with:

  • St. Paul School
  • Blue Wolf Tavern
  • Quaker City Castings
  • Leetonia Steel Erectors
  •  Southern Local School District
  • Ohio Schools